How to Ask, Listen, and Respond // R U OK? DAY 2017

One thing I noticed when I told people about my mental illness was that the most common reply would be along the lines of 'everyone feels the same', or 'people have it much worst than you'. And in some circumstances they are right and I know that I am somewhat lucky, so don't make me... Continue Reading →


My Semicolon Tattoo

I have known for many years what having a semicolon tattooed meant, yet the idea of having every person that sees the tattoo assume that I'm weak, turned me off of the idea. Although I sit here with a semicolon inked into my skin for the rest of my life, and to be completely honest... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness is …​

Mental illness isn't just feeling depressed or anxious, any and every type of mental illness discretely changes the way one goes by their day to day life. It's only just now that I have the ability to reflect back on the past few years and realise that my anxiety and depressed made myself do and not... Continue Reading →

“But why do you feel anxious”

It's a question that most anxious people receive from others, and is a question that anxious people ask themselves as well. And to be completely honest, much of the time I don't know why either, I'm as clueless as you are. It is a question that is annoying to answer, as you are describing a feeling... Continue Reading →

Unwanted Attention & Anxiety

I'm always asking questions however, I'm not the type of person that poses a heavy amount of questions to other people. Instead, I overwhelm myself with questions about every few minutes. My mind is constantly talking to this other part of me, interrogating, undermining, and reviewing every single thing I do and think about doing. When... Continue Reading →

Anxiety – The Mind & Body Effects

When someone says the word 'anxiety' many refer it to excessive worrying, they don't think of the physical effects it can have on a person. At this moment I am worried about writing right now, yet I feel my throat closing up. I'm feeling anxious in this environment and my body is going into defence... Continue Reading →

What You Hear Vs. What I Mean ​

  Only one person knows what you truly mean and exactly how you feel, and that person is yourself. We have all been in situations where we say one thing, yet others interpret it differently; this can cause confusion that can be fixed easily, however sometimes it goes unnoticed. I can think of a couple... Continue Reading →

Letter From my Suicide Self

Dear Caitlin, You didn’t think you would make it did you? You weren’t planning to see in the new year, begin a new year at university, and you most certainly didn’t expect to get a tattoo on your wrist symbolising the strength you hold within yourself. It was around the beginning of December you were... Continue Reading →

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